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Half way there!

March 18, 2013

I’m now 20 weeks pregnant and at the half way stage already! It seems to be going pretty fast but to be honest, I want it to. I’m not enjoying this pregnancy like I did the first time. I feel more tired which I suppose is only to be expected with a 4 year old as well. I was nauseous all the time for the first 3.5 months (compared with nothing first time) and a couple of weeks ago I started with awful back and pelvic pain which is manageable when I’m sitting down but agony when I move my legs. A lot of the time walking is difficult, driving can be too (moving my feet on the pedals causes a line of fire up my thigh into my back) and, on the worst days, the pain is almost unbearable even when I sit or lie down. I’m trying to keep moving through the pain as the worst thing I can do is sit still and seize up more. Once I get going I can usually walk semi normally and the pain retracts to a dull ache. The midwife dismissed it as ‘too early to be anything significant’ (at 17 weeks) and the doctor said it was lower back pain which couldn’t be treated with anti inflammatories as I’m pregnant so I’d just have to live with it and hope it gets better. She’s given me some exercises to do which all involve lying on my back – something I can’t do when pregnant!

Finding maternity clothes has been hard. Next have been my saviour once again with trousers and jeans in my fat arse size AND long length which is a minor miracle. The majority of shops evidently think that fat people are short, thin people are tall and all pregnant women like baggy trousers and high neck floral tops. Not true! I’ve dragged some of my old maternity tops out of storage and they’re a god send. All from H&M, they fit really nice and don’t cover the entire top half of my body.

I know I’m being a right moaning cow & I’m sorry for that – you imagine what my poor husband is going through, he gets it every day! I’m not a fan of this stage of pregnancy. I like towards the end, so big I can hardly move, baby doing somersaults part of pregnancy. I haven’t felt baba move yet but I’m not worried. I didn’t feel Sam until almost 23 weeks so I’ll expect the same of this one. It is fun lying in bed at night (can’t sleep because of the back pain and heartburn) trying to work out if what I am feeling is wind or baby. Then farting explosively and having that question answered for me!

I might moan but it’s not to say I’m not happy about being up the duff, I am. I’m completely thrilled and know I’ll feel better mentally at least when I can feel baby move. I have a drawer of things I’ve bought or been given so far. Teeny tiny baby grows and vest, nappies the size of my hand, the blanket I wanted first time around for Sam but refused to pay the price (I thought sod it this time!), I’ve dug my breastfeeding pump out, found my sterilised milk bags and washable breast pads (I’d forgotten the indignity of some parts of breast feeding!) and found my hideous feeding bras – they’re being binned and I am buying pretty ones this time!

Apart from actually meeting our baby there is one thing I’m most looking forward too – after a few months hard saving and a much welcome donation from my Mum we are buying the Stokke Xplory! I’ve loved this pram for the last few years and I’m so excited we’re able to afford one. We’re keeping saving though until we buy it in June/July as I know I’m going to want the extras too! Think that will be a shopping trip for just me & my Mum so Craig doesn’t know the exact cost of everything. J

And that’s where we’re up to. We have our second scan on Friday and we’re 99% positive we won’t be finding out the sex. We both agree that there is nothing more special than going through labour (or a c section) and being surprised. I think we’re sorted on names – well I am anyway, we’re not yet sorted on the birth but that’s not for here and in a few weeks we’ll be sorting out baby’s ‘room’, which is actually just a corner of our bedroom where it will reside at least for it’s first year. I’ll update you again at 30 weeks but in the meantime follow me on Instagram for more bump pics & updates!

Looking rather big for 18.5 weeks!

Looking rather big for 18.5 weeks!

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  1. March 21, 2013 5:56 pm

    If the pelvic pain keeps up don’t let them get away with fobbing you off – I was diagnosed with SPD in my second pregnancy with symptoms similar to what you’re describing and by the time I got anyone to take me seriously it was too late to get any real treatment – they referred me for physio and acupuncture but what with waiting lists I didn’t get an appointment for either before I gave birth.

    (Just in case you haven’t heard of it – it’s nothing to worry about re. baby, just damn painful for the mum. I ended up sleeping upright on the sofa because I woke up in agony if I tried to lie on my side for too long, but when I finally got up the nerve to ask to be referred to a doctor she was really helpful, gave me proper painkillers so I could sleep.)

    • notsuchayummymummy permalink*
      March 21, 2013 6:00 pm

      Thanks Caroline. I’m going to kick up a fuss tomorrow at my scan. The back pain has receded somewhat but the pelvic pain is still bad. I want testing for a UTI as well in case it’s that. I loved being pregnant the first time but this time I just feel sick of all the pain! Thanks for the heads up on SPD. I’ll have a chat with the midwife about it.

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