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And the most popular food with babies is…

November 9, 2013

Finn is 14 weeks old now and our thoughts are turning to weaning. I can’t actually believe we’re at this stage already! And I haven’t even finished writing his birth story!

I saw a study yesterday by Ella’s Kitchen who, using a ‘Thrill O Meter’ measured the levels of thrills experience by babies when they tasted new flavours.

When I was weaning Sam I went down the traditional route of purees – starting off with apple, pear, carrot, butternut squash etc. It turns out that carrot was only 10th on the Thrill O Meter and the others weren’t featured at all! The top 10 foods were

1. Mango
2. Cinnamon
3. Lemon
4. Coconut
5. Banana
6. Papaya
7. Red pepper
8. Apricot
9. Sweet potato
10. Carrot

I wouldn’t have even thought about giving a baby cinnamon, lemon, coconut or red pepper so I’m going to revise what I’d planned to give Finn. I want food to be exciting and interesting for him rather than bland or boring. I made a lot of my own food with Sam and will be doing the same this time. I’ll be taking inspiration from this study and adding cinnamon to apple, making tropical fruit puree with mango, coconut and papaya and also throwing in a bit of baby led weaning with chunks of banana, red pepper and sweet potatoes. I have to admit though that I don’t make everything myself (and I certainly won’t have time once I go back to work) so I’ll also be turning to the Ella’s Kitchen pouches for help!

The sciencey bit about the study:

The results were calculated by analysing increased Galvanic Skin Response from certain foods, combined with facial expression and body language analysis from parents to determine how positive the response was.

When babies become excited in response to a food, or the anticipation of a food, their bodies and minds get ready for action.  Their hearts beat faster, their eyes open wide, and their breathing quickens.  One physiological effect of excitement and sensorial engagement that can’t be seen by parents is the micro-fluctuations in sweat levels, which the thrill-o-meter closely monitored through Galvanic Skin Response.  A rise in Galvanic Skin Response, together with positive facial analysis from parents, expressed just how excited the baby was when tasting the food.

Brendan Walker, Thrill Laboratory comments: “Food can be really exciting for babies – whether it’s a first taste of cinnamon, juicy mango or exotic coconut.  Different foods can stimulate different physiological responses and this innovative study is designed to reveal just how thrilling different foods are for babies and to help Ella’s Kitchen continue to explore and understand babies’ taste buds, both scientifically and creatively.”

And I couldn’t not include this video of the cute children!The little girl’s face when she tries lemon!

How did you wean your little ones? Any tips? It’s been 5 years! 

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  1. November 10, 2013 11:29 pm

    Haha…I wouldn’t have thought of giving them half of those either! Although mine did all have sticks of pepper to chomp on 🙂

    • notsuchayummymummy permalink*
      November 10, 2013 11:57 pm

      I have definitely learnt my lesson for Finn! Peppers & mango all the way!

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