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My top 5 ways to get to sleep and stay asleep

November 13, 2013

Finn has started to sleep through now, bless him. I think he knew I was nearing breaking point with sleep deprivation and needed unbroken sleep! Sam was always a good sleeper (though he had his moments!) so I hope Finn has inherited that from him. They don’t get it from me, that’s for sure. I really struggle getting to sleep. Once I’m gone, it’s fine but getting there is always a struggle. I stay up way too late either reading, playing Candy Crush, doing some washing, playing Plants v Zombies, playing Minion Rush or a whole host of time sucking, mind energizing, silly games on the iPad. It’s not a good idea to play on electronic devices for at least an hour before going to bed and I’m going to have to learn that! When I go back to work in March I’ll need a good 8 hours to function well on so I’ll be taking heed of this.

For a few years now I’ve either listened to music or Slimpods to help me relax and drift off. My personal favourite albums are Dido’s No Angel (I find her voice and melodies so relaxing), Cafe del Mar (Volume 7) and Morcheeba’s Big Calm. I started listening to Cafe del Mar albums at uni and this one is my absolute fail safe for relaxing and getting me ready for sleep. Obviously it’s not just me who rates them as a track from Cafe del Mar came 10th in a study to find the 10 most relaxing songs of all time.

Adele was in there as well which surprised me. I like the girl but she’s been so overplayed in the last few years that the opening bars of any of her tracks are like nails on a blackboard to me! The Manchester band, Marconi Union with Weightless has been voted the most relaxing song of all time and now having heard it, I definitely agree!

My tips (from experience) for getting to sleep and staying asleep:

1. Turn off any electronic devices an hour before bed. Read a book or a magazine. Just relax without the distractions of facebook, twitter and Instagram.

2. Use lavender oil. On a swatch under your pillow, some pot pourri in your bedroom, a spritz of lavender room spray – it all helps! I love the scent of lavender and often use Sam & Finn’s lavender bath bubbles to help me relax. If it works for them…

3, If you have anything on your mind, worries or things to do the next day, write them down. It’ll help to forget about them. Until you wake up that is!

4. Have a warm, caffeine free drink. Horlicks, hot chocolate. If you’re from the North, a nice hot Vimto!

5. Listen to relaxing music. Most of the chill out albums available are fantastic but you can easily pull a play list together yourself. The top 10 songs to relax to can start you off! Feel free to add my favourite: Morcheeba’s The Sea.

PR Collaboration.

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  1. November 13, 2013 10:01 pm

    I quite like a bit of Morcheeba. I’m a terrible sleeper and have been since I was tiny – I’m awake at any noise and rarely get more than 6 hours.

    • notsuchayummymummy permalink*
      November 13, 2013 11:23 pm

      I need 7 hours really to function but tend to survive on 5-6. I love a good lie in at the weekend to catch up, but as you know, with kids it’s near impossible!


  1. Café del Mar 2012 Chillout Mix (1 hour HQ mix) | mostly music

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