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A BoobieMilk breast feeding vest review

January 15, 2014

I’ve written before about how much I enjoyed breast feeding Sam and I was really looking forward to starting that journey again with Finn. It hasn’t been easy. To begin with Finn refused to eat and we were readmitted to hospital the day after being discharged because we’d had to resort to feeding him via teaspoon. Within a few hours though he had taken some formula then been established on the breast and we were away! We’ve had various issues (a blog post on their own) but one thing which has made things easier is this breast feeding vest, kindly given to me by the lovely Karen from BoobieMilk.

This is a fantastic online store for all  breast feeding needs, from bras and night wear to nursing necklaces and maternity support bands. They also sell gift vouchers which would be an ideal gift for any pregnant woman.

I received the Emma Jane long maternity and nursing vest in black. Throughout my pregnancy it was my go-to top as it was the only one which truly covered my huge bump! I wore it under tops when I was worried about flashing my belly, under shirts so I could keep them unbuttoned over said huge bump and during that horrendously hot summer (distant memory now!) when I had literally nothing else cool to wear.

BoobieMilk vest at 32 weeks pregnant, height of summer, with lovely Karen  (GrumpyishMum) after she'd hosted a surprise baby shower for me. Yes I did cry!

BoobieMilk vest at 32 weeks pregnant, height of summer, with lovely Karen (GrumpyishMum) after she’d hosted a surprise baby shower for me. Yes I did cry!

After having Finn though, it really came into its own. There is an additional built in bra shelf which means you don’t need to wear a bra with it and it keeps in any breast pads you may need. The shoulder straps are adjustable so you can make it as comfortable as you like. The top part (on top of the bra shelf) unclips from the straps and pulls down so you can easily and discreetly nurse your baby. I personally found that wearing it under another top made it most comfortable for me, as I could pull up the top one, lower this one and I wasn’t exposing anything I didn’t want to when I fed Finn in public.


Discreet enough to feed at Giraffe


Even when Finn pulled my outer top down, I was still covered

I had the size 18-20 which fitted fine over my bump and also when I wasn’t pregnant. I like to think this is due to the incredible elasticity of it, rather than I.m just as big as when I was pregnant! The top is also available in white.

If you are local to Karen, she also does home fittings for bras which is an invaluable service, as I know, having tried on a ridiculous number before actually finding one that fits!

Pop over to the for a browse and say hi on their Facebook page here.

If you have any other breast feeding ‘must haves’ please let me know!

(Disclaimer: I was sent a vest for the purpose of a review but was not told what to write. All opinions are my own.)

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