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How to negotiate…

February 25, 2014

Last month I was lucky enough to attend a Negotiation Academy run by They have set up this online academy to help everyone get not only the best deal on a new car, but also arm us with skills for negotiating in any purchasing situation, how to shop for the best deal, how to get the most for your money and how to spot those little ‘dodgy’ deals that a garage can sometimes pull.

The experts who appear on the website and give advice were on hand to talk us through these skills and honestly, it was an eye opener! I am not a natural bargainer. I want to please people, I want them to like me, I want to appear affluent and I don’t want to look stupid. Pretty ridiculous when you think you will (most likely) never see these people again.

What resonated with me most from the day was the talk from social psychologist, Dr Sandi Mann. She queried why I felt it was ok to haggle abroad (say in Egypt where I have been pretty successful at getting what I want for a bargain price) and not here? I don’t know! I have no idea what makes it so different but, armed with extensive notes, I will definitely be haggling for my next major purchase.

To give you a very quick overview for how to be confident during negotiations, and these can mean in any situation, not just purchasing something – so possibly getting that pay rise that is long overdue? A promotion? Negotiating salary when offered a new role? These tips can help you get what you deserve.

1. Ask for what you want with authority and confidence.

No one is going to negotiate with someone who looks worried, embarrassed, ill at ease or who is umming and ahhing. If you do that, they’ll know you don’t really mean it and they will get what they want. Not your ideal outcome.

2. Use your body language as a tool.

Engage with the person, subtly mirror their body language. Nod, make eye contact, lean in towards them (not too close, you don’t want to make them uncomfortable!).

3. Use silence as your friend.

If you’re anything like me then you will wiffle waffle like mad to fill a silence. Seriously, I have a problem. This can work completely against you in a negotiation situation. Explain what you want, sit back, embrace the silence and wait for them to come back with an answer. Don’t say ‘I want this’. (silence) ‘Well maybe I could go for this’ (silence) ‘Or even this’. Before you know, they’ve brought you down without even saying a word.


I’ve not shared everything with you – there is much more fantastic information and advice on the website. Head over, learn, use it, rejoice & save money! Happy days!

I’ll be back later in the week with more top tips from the Negotiation Academy.

*Disclosure: I was recompensed for my time & expenses in attending this event*

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