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Ella’s Kitchen – a weaning guide

April 17, 2014

Ella’s Kitchen are our go to brand for baby food and have been since Finn started weaning. I love their philosophy of natural ingredients that are simply cooked. No fuss, no faff.

We started weaning at 4 months when we just couldn’t keep up with Finn’s appetite. He’d breastfeed then bottle feed a ridiculous amount. He could take 2 breastfeeds and 15 ounces of milk in a couple of hours. Within a couple of days of baby rice, he was a much happier and settled baby. I cooked a lot of fruit and veg over the next few weeks but I didn’t always have the time to prepare every meal – especially now that I am back at work (quite evidently I don’t even have time to blog anymore!). Ella’s Kitchen products, therefore, are always in my cupboard.

They have launched a new digital weaning guide that is downloadable in order to help parents embarking on any stage of the weaning process. I love anything that helps me get my head around this nerve-wracking and confusing time so I have been using it loads!

Finn is 8 months now so we’re quite far into the weaning process, stage 2 in fact but I still use the guide even now. For example, I couldn’t remember what he was allowed now – eggs? dairy? meat & fish? but there is a while wealth of information that has helped me to develop a menu of sorts for Finn.

Breakfast: Ella’s Kitchen porridge (banana or strawberry, mango & banana – anything else will be spat out) with fruit puree. We were sent some of the new range from Ella’s Kitchen which are suitable for first tastes from 4 months but I still like to use them now as a topping for his porridge.

Breakfast with the new peaches pouch

Breakfast with the new peaches pouch





All gone!

All gone!

Snack: Ella’s Kitchen puffits, the raspberry & vanilla one. I’ve never been sent these, I buy them myself & Finn loves them. I was initially worried about him choking on them but they almost dissolve in his mouth so he’s fine gumming them.

Lunch – Pasta. I sometimes make my own pasta sauce for Finn but when I don’t have the time we use the first tastes vegetable pouches. He likes the sweet potato one best. Again, not the traditional way of using it but I like the consistency of it for pasta and Finn loves it too.

Dinner: Whatever is around & quick as tea time is manic! Craig’s on his own most tea times and has to feed Sam as well. Quite often we will use pouches, especially if I’ve forgotten to pull something out of the freezer the night before. Judge away at us using ready made food – I’m happy and confident in the products we use (yes I genuinely do use and spend my own money on Ella’s Kitchen products as I believe they are the best on the market) and we both work so have limited time to spend in the kitchen. As Finn grows he’ll be eating more what we eat which will be better. At the moment I kind of forget to portion up our food before seasoning it and adding half a tonne of chilli powder! I’m getting better though. Finn does love curried lentils.

Drinks: He only had 2 bottles a day now, morning and night. Water with all meals and snacks. I despise juice for babies. Despise it.

I have just noticed that there are biscuits in the Ella’s Kitchen range that I haven’t seen stocked at our local Asda. Think I’ll go hunting for them this weekend. Like his Mum, Finn does love a nice biscuit!

If you want to check out the weaning guide head over to the Ella’s Kitchen website. As a regular user (even before it was pointed out to me) I definitely recommend it.

Disclosure: I was sent 4 pouches of the new first tastes range to try & the cutest weaning spoon you ever did see. I wasn’t told what to write. I would like to say though that I honestly buy Ella’s Kitchen products above all others. Finn loves them, I love their ethos & they are reasonably priced – especially when on offer at Asda.

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  1. August 19, 2014 11:33 am

    I love that little face! It must be good if Finn’s eating it … oh, wait. Finn eats anything.

    Well it looks good anyway 🙂

    • August 20, 2014 10:40 pm

      It was good! He screamed for more. If he’s not keen he only mildly shouts. That’s how I can tell. 🙂

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