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About me

Who am I?

I’m Emma, 33, red haired, brown eyed, compulsive dieter.

What do I do?

By day I am HR guru extraordinaire, by night I am uber-mummy to Sam (5) and Finn (born July 2013) and perfect wife to Craig. * Here and there I try to fit in blogging and housework. Blogging usually wins.


What do I like?

Instagram. Exaggerating (see above). Things that are green – eyeshadows, emeralds, handbags, dresses, shoes, kiwi fruit, apples, mojitos. My family. My iPhone. My iPad.  The internet. Diet coke with ice. Ray ban aviators. Cheese. Kit Kat Chunkys. Neil Diamond. Nail varnish. Wedges (both shoe & potato). Make up. Glee. Criminal Minds. Bones. Vodka. Beer gardens. Lilies. White zinfandel.  Curry. My breadmaker. Aprons.  Knitting. Dorothy Perkins. Dresses with leggings. Dr Martens. Tattoos. Pulling stupid faces.

What don’t I like?

Feet. Littering. Rude people. Mushrooms. People who boast. Coriander. Tequila. Cats. Granny Murray. The fact my sister lives in Australia. Soap operas. Justin Bieber. David Blaine. The word ‘moist’.

I want:

To be a domestic goddess. A SMEG fridge (green). A new oven. More kitchen space. A fully decorated house. 2 small dogs called Gary & Ian. Hair that reaches my waist. More shoes. World peace (obviously). 4 day weeks. A vegetable patch.  Someone to pay my next account off. To win the lottery so I can retire and spend my days playing with my boys and knitting.

I don’t want:

To be fat and unhealthy  anymore. To lose who I am under the wife/mummy/employee etc labels. Spots.

* He may have a slightly different opinion on this

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  2. January 7, 2011 10:20 am

    thanks so much for your blog on my soaps etc. it was very kind of you. would it be ok to use this on my website (I can put a link to your blog). I think the snow must have stopped you getting to the christmas market. if you want some more of the shower wash just email me, I can post them out to you

    best wishes



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