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Meal Planning Monday (on Tuesday)

February 21, 2012

I forgot to blog this yesterday – I’m still getting back into the routine after a few weeks blog free!

I went to the market at the weekend – the World Famous Bury Market to be precise. The meat & fish market there is amazing with local butchers & fishmongers all competing to give you the best deals. I took them up on quite a few including a bit platter of lovely plump chicken breasts, some gammon, pork steaks, rump steaks, whole chicken and bacon. Despite the abundance of chicken now in my freezer I’m still trying to have a varied week!

Monday – pork steaks on pearl barley & veg risotto

Tuesday – chicken stir fry followed by pancakes!

Wednesday – Lentil spaghetti

Thursday – chicken, chickpea & chorizo stew

Friday – At my parents so they’re cooking. Craig will make his own.

Saturday – rump steak & veg (maybe with some mash to soak up the alcohol as I’m going on the lash with the girlies after tea!)

Sunday – Curry at Westwood East.

My parents are having Sam this weekend. They head off to Australia to see my sister & her family soon so they’re stocking up on a whole lotta Sam while they can! It’s a given that when we go to pick him up on a Sunday we always go to Westwood for tea. We’ve been going there for years & years  – not sure how long exactly but I do remember my 21st being there & that was a loooong time ago now! Despite going all that time I found a new dish last week – just a simple chicken bhuna but my goodness it was amazing. I’m looking forward to another already!

For more meal plans & inspiration click here.

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